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Everthing you need to know about the games your kids are playing.

Gamer Mom

Everything you need to know about the games your kids are playing.


Thanks for joining us here to learn more about the games your kids are playing online.
As a parent, you should be aware that most online sites consider your 13-year-old teen
old enough to:

  • open an online account, and legally accept the terms of service (TOS) agreements
  • have their own email address
  • play games in which they actually meet other, real people
  • chat with those real people, many of whom are adults
  • purchase virtual goods with real money, possibly gifting those goods to others

This can create dangerous situations for your children, your credit cards, and for others online who trust your children to play and act like adults.  Let’s keep them safe by being very aware of what they are doing at all times while on the internet.

Each post on this blog will cover a different game. Posts will follow a specific format that will give you:

  • TL;DR – This stands for “too long; didn’t read.”  We’ll start with the basic info in case you just need a little bit of information about what your kids are planning to play.
  • Wanna Relate? – This section will give you the information you need to understand what your children are talking about when they already play the game. It will give you some ideas of how to be a “cool mom” by leaping into your gamer’s world, or at least understanding the idea behind the game and its play style.
  • Wanna Play? – The best way to understand the games your children play is to play them yourself. They are fun! It’s why your kids want to play them. You don’t need to become a professional esports legend to understand why some of these games are amazing at building strategy and critical thinking skills, encouraging teamwork and responsibility, and honing dexterity and fine motor skills. Some of them are just beautiful in the bargain. Why not leap on in? Playing games that interest your kids is a great way to connect with them.
  • Be Safe! – This is all the mom stuff you’ll want to know. How old should kids be to play this game according to the ESRB  (The Entertainment Software Ratings Board)? What things in this game can cost money, who can they meet, how can they connect with those people, and what is the community like? What things might particularly disturb sensitive children in this game?

Feel free to leave comments on any game post or ask questions. Comments that are not related to the topic or are inflammatory will be removed. Additional information is always welcome, if it’s helpful and increases understanding of the game.



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